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This is a humorous Wikia that anyone can edit, including topics who may shock or make you laugh. We avoid graphic nudity, gore, and cyberbullying of private people; but not sex, profanity, or other topics that might offend. We routinely ridicule all ridiculous religions, fake nationalities, parodies, countries, and everyday things. This does not imply any official position on any of them.


  • The USE of the c***, s*** or f*** words is UNACCEPTABLE. However compound words are acceptable such as assholism, shithead, chicken shit, asshat, batshit, etc. However, anything with the F-word in it is unacceptable.
  • Hell, and damn are all acceptable to this site.
  • NO racial slurs at all or anything that causes arguments.

Nudity & Violence

  • Showing pictures of genitalia and pornography isn't accepted in any article.
  • Show either covered or bare breasts are allowed.
  • Pictures of massacres aren't allowed at all but photoshopped violence is allowed as long that all of the blood is fake.

Sexual Content

  • DO NOT POST ANY CHILD PORNOGRAPHY (you will be reported to the police)
  • No PORNOGRAPHIC content and images are allowed.
  • Keep the pictures clean and also use CAUTION when posting.
  • Pictures of the female BREASTS are accepted as long it doesn't offend anyone.

Personal Information

  • NEVER post anything about people you know or information on their personal lives.
  • DO NOT give anyone your password or account information.