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Country United States
Population 40,650
Metropolitan Area None
Area 20 sq. miles
Government Leftist City Government
Political Party Antifascist Party
Religion None
Ethnic Groups White 90.5% Leftists 9.5% Snowflakes 0.05%
Demonym Sharter, Butthurt Democrats (official)
Settled 18th century
Incorporated 2016
Time Zone Eastern Time
Budget -$5.0 million
Economy Poor
Revenue $4.0 million
Living Cost $400,000
Living Conditions Fair
Controversies Riots, millennials, butthurt leftists and shitheads

Shartsville is a city located in the United States that is known for its dumb culture and also political divisive socialist rhetoric about everything wrong with the nation.

There is nothing interesting to do and this dump of a place except for hearing people moan and whine how screwed up the president is and everything is wrong with this city.

In 2016 a riot broke out in this god-forsaken town over a stupid piece of petrified dinosaur turd monument in the center of the city that the snowflakes wanted to takedown because of its politically sensitive message it sends to the people.

This led to the hoodlums called the Assies dressed up in black hoodies and plastic butts to start trouble with the protesters causing property damage and also tons of stop being thrown in broken.

Attractions and Landmarks[]

  • Shartsville Public Library, this graffiti-covered structure was built in 1964 by the segregationist Jim Crow and didn't allow minorities in the building including white and African-American people.
  • Joseph Stalin Statue, A large 25-foot bronze statue of Stalin (created in 1966 by an unknown sculptor) stands in the center of the University of Shartsville. It was unveiled in 1975 by the city government to commemorate the visit of Joseph Stalin in the area.
  • Socialist Street, a street in the center of Shartsville named after the riots that took place there in 2016 between the residents and Leftists.