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Snifferine powder, a powdery narcotic that makes you go....FREAKING INSANE THAT U START TO PSYCH OUT AND TEXT IN ALL CAPS YES YOU KNOW WHAT COME NEXT!!!!! DIE DIE DIE!!!!

Health Issues[]

You start thinking you're juggling chicken eggs and playing pin the tail on the monkey!!!! HERE WE GO AGAIN WITH THE BULLCRAP AND THE LIBERALS TELLING US WHAT TO DO WITH OUR......BODIES!!!! GET ME THE HELL OFF THIS DRUG YOU SICK FRICKS!


The victims that snifferine claims are paranoia suffering freaks with major issues and social problems. Then the more you get off by snuffing you're likely to become an addict to the substance. The drug contains urine, fecal oil, and smokaweed this is a deadly combination of chemicals that's enough to make a lamb have the runs for 24 hours straight.