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"As a social justice lawyer, I started marches against the President here in Detroit."-Social Justice member

Typical SJW crap!

Social justice, Let's Blame Everyone justice, a type of reform that doesn't exist it is just a made-up who crap term that signifies the nonexistent social issues that are going on in America such as the insignificant racial issues that are minor and the media tends to blow up out of proportion.

Social justice as a concept of fair and just relations between the individual and society then turned into a weapon to silence the opposition because of conflicting opinions more like immature adults complaining about a society knowing nothing about how America works.

The term social justice is a euphemism that means pick on people that don't agree with you and call them racist and sexist and homophobes just because one person messed up doesn't mean you have to be crazy like a rabid animal.

This is measured by the explicit and tacit terms for the distribution of wealth, opportunities for personal activity and social privileges for the leftists and when a member of their social justice warrior clique screws up they shun them from their group with all kinds of slurs and offensive language.

In other words, stamping out freedoms and privileges of other people to benefit their agenda over the American people leads to conflict and controversy dividing the United States more.

Leftist Racial Justice[]

Leftists tend to make sure their so-called and imaginary race is superior to others who are not part of their spectrum by labeling the other race as racist and homophobic which is total bullshit unto itself.

The ideology is not protected under the laws and the Constitution of the United States and they even attempted to rewrite it to benefit their agenda at the same time undermining people with the right to free speech and Taco Tuesday which is not cool at all.

The Che Guevara statue that was removed from Washington D.C. because of his murderous ways.

Also, they want to make sure that the pure race through Liberalism is carried out every day because of their insecurities and they expect people to respect them even though they're assholes that don't work that way.

Social justice also calls for a global empire of epic proportions to control the people in different countries by banning their happy hour and freedom of speech and expression.

They call everyone else racist, asshole, dumb and sexist even tried to tear down historical sites and put up statues of Che Guevara, Nancy Pelosi, Joseph Stalin, and other Socialist heroes this is what they do best or at least they think they're you're going to do.