Stoner Age, when humans were first getting high off of the gifts of nature. The ozone layer was not in the process of deterioration and free things were plentiful.

However this changed when men wanted more than they could handle and eventually received war, fatty foods, cholesterol, famine, terrible music and other misfortunes.


The year 100,000 B.C. was the height of the Stoner Age. Apes, monkeys, and man became high on the smokaweed plant. The modern man smokes the marijuana plant as a replacement. Man also required female attention and love. He became very territorial with other men when it came to women.

Major BreakthroughsEdit

  • The first man to ever find a woman was named Ogga.
  • The only time when man had free time is when he was a caveman.
  • The food supply was plenty.
  • Earth was less polluted.
  • Dinosaurs died.
  • Man and woman married each other in a wild wedding.
  • The trees were plentiful.
  • Women were half naked in cave outfits.
  • Food was plentiful especially foliage
  • Women had rights and men worshipped them as goddesses.
  • Ned Flyntstone found the Flynt Rok Company.
  • Boobies were painted on canvas.
  • Cornography was never heard of.
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