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Stoner Age, the early modern era when humans were first getting high off of the gifts of nature. The ozone layer was not in the process of deterioration and free things were plentiful.

However, this changed when men wanted more than they could handle and eventually received war, fatty foods, cholesterol, famine, terrible music, and other misfortunes.


The year 100,000 B.C. was the height of the Stoner Age. Apes, monkeys, and men became high on the smoked plant. The modern man smokes the marijuana plant as a replacement. The man also required female attention and love. He became very territorial with other men when it came to women.

Major Breakthroughs of the Early Stoner Age

  • The first man to ever find a woman was named Oggadoodoo.
  • The only time when the man had free time is when he was a caveman.
  • The food supply was plenty.
  • Earth was less polluted.
  • Dinosaurs died.
  • Man and woman married each other in a wild wedding.
  • The trees were plentiful.
  • Women wore half-naked in cave outfits.
  • Food was plentiful especially foliage
  • Women had rights and men worshipped them as goddesses especially their big breasts.
  • Ned the Caveman founded the meaning of life and forgot to write it down because he couldn't find a pencil on time.
  • Boobies were painted on cave walls.
  • Cornography was never heard of.

Modern Stoner Age

The Modern Stoner Age started after the fall of numerous empires and kingdoms which resulted in different countries being formed by the foolishness of humanity.

This was the beginning of modern society and culture that included the following characteristics:

  • The lack of empathy and remorse for doing wrong to two other people by eating the left piece of cake.
  • The start of corrupted governments and also radical ideologies that ruin other nations.
  • The only job for men and women is working and sleeping with no time for leisure and vacations are rare if not unheard of.
  • The food is either processed or inedible and also beverages contain too many artificial sweeteners and colors.
  • Earth is polluted and full assholes who don't know when to shut up.
  • People forgot they have a backbone and they get easily offended by everything that is said.
  • Man and woman get married to have children and if things don't work out they get a divorce oftentimes leaving both of them completely in the dark literally.
  • The trees are being chopped down by shady companies.
  • Men and women work clothes that are just plain weird and wrong.
  • Food is either scarce or non-existent in some regions of the world and sometimes artificial.
  • Feminists ruined everything by making men regret ever talking to them
  • Cornography exists.
  • Banks own everything.
  • Politics are everywhere including in daily lives.
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