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A typical sweater girl

Sweater meat girl, a hot woman that likes to dress up in sweaters to show off their bosoms and also their confidence in everyday life.

Men also like sweater girls for obvious reasons and would do anything to get a pin-up of them on the walls and lockers to stare at them every day and also to inspire them.

The sweater girl figure.


Sweater girl describes a fashion look made popular in the 1990s by women denoted by a tight sweater that made their boobs look sexier and hotter enticing men all over the world.

They made a "huge" impact on the culture of the fashion world and also men who looked them up on the Internet at their home or office are often credited with creating the term NSFW (not safe for work) because of the provocative depictions of women in sweaters.

However, this didn't stop them from looking them up on the World Wide Web causing divorces, late-night restaurant offers, unpaid bills, and other social problems because of a hot woman in a tight sweater.


Description of a Sweater Girl

Here is an example of the sweater girl.

The look requires the woman to wear a tight sweater and her bra size to be from 35DD to 36ZZ, sometimes called a bra-buster, which raises and separates her breasts.

In its original form, the look was often tied to the promotion of new bra technology and also on the covers of magazines.

Sweater Girls National Convention

A woman on her way to the SGNC in Minneapolis.

The Sweater Girls National Convention is the first political organization that makes it possible for sexy girls with big breasts to strut their huge chests in sweaters without feeling shamed by the haters out there.

The activities include colorful sweater contests, sweater boob bouncing competitions, and the Miss Sweater Meat pageant.