United States-1979, or also known as the United State is an alternate reality of the United States, with the major change being the removal of the national debt, the assassination of Adolf Hitler.

In this alternate future the United States never went into Vietnam and leftists didn't exist either.

History Edit

This universe is set in the 20th century, with war heroes and villains not being an uncommon factor.

In 1975 the Nuclear Weapons Act was enacted ending the use of such weapons of mass destruction and superheroes were outlawed because of their asshole tactics.

Then in 1978 the Rice Lords invaded the United States and established a peaceful government based on the production and consumption of rice.

States & Territories Edit

Pokémonsterland, a nature reserve that includes the Northwest United States of America. The land is hostile because many as 198 wild Pokémonsters live within its borders. The actress Hilary Clinton would never go to this place again as long as she lives.

  • St. Chuck's Island, a state of the United States of America in the Atlas Ocean an area called the Garbage Dump. This island is home to the settled there after they were flushed out of ships during the feces famine

Famous People Edit

Miss Blue, a superhuman from alternate timelines.

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