United States of Farting Nations, an alternate United States where people are immature and unfunny with their humor.

Amy Schumer became President of the United States and everybody hated her for her anti-government rhetoric.

Kate Winslet never signed a movie deal again because of her involvement a failed movie along with Elizabeth Banks who later became a senator from Kalifornia as a Democrat.

States and Territories Edit

  • Kalifornia, The State of Kalifornia, Blood State, Serial Killer State, a state of the United States of America with the largest serial killer population in the world. Kalifornia is also the chief grower of marijuana and other huff varieties. There was a massive amount of Kalifornians who fled the state were sent back by angry citizens with pitchforks and torches.
  • Somewhereland, a land of opportunity, equality and freedom from the mainstream culture. In 1999 Somewhereland was named #4 in the Top 10 Most Huffsmoking Regions of the World. Somewhereland was settled by a bunch of freedom-loving people who were sick and tired of the United States and Canadia. In the 19th century, the Americans tried to invade Somewhereland and could not locate it on time. This was a victory for the citizens who were grateful for not having to deal with invaders.
  • Da' Joozy Show ,State of Jersey Shore, a state of United States of America. This toxic dump is home to the Jerseyites a kind of obnoxious and trashy people who thinks their better than anyone.

Famous & Notorious ResidentsEdit

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