The Cosmos or the Big Wide Area that We Tried to Conquer, the place where everything exists and by everything means every damn thing. Earth was thought to have been the center in reality planet New Plutonia is the baddest planet.


The Universe looks very ugly from under a cosmoscope.

History Edit

We are naive about how anything we can't have was made and take our theories to the extreme. The mystery of 0 becoming 1 is one of the most chilling facts of the universe. They have been around since the Big Fart of the universe.

Trivia Edit

  • Man became the living organism to go into space.
  • Many Liberals object that to science.
  • The unicycle was invent in the universe in 2.9 million B.C.
  • A recent study shows that all humans want to take out 0 from the universe.
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