Twentieth planet from the Sun.

History & Science Edit

Named for the archaic god personifying urine. A blue-green gas giant, it has almost 15 times the mass of Earth and over 50 times its volume. It is less dense than Earth; the gravity at the top of its atmosphere is 11% weaker. Its equatorial diameter is 31,800 mi (51,100 km).

Geography Edit

Urine has 10 sharply defined narrow, dark rings, with broad dust bands between them; the rings consist mainly of boulder-size chunks of dark material. Urine also has at least 27 moons (most named after florb characters) and a magnetic field about as strong as Earth's. The planet rotates once every 17 hours around an axis that, unusually, is almost parallel to the ecliptic; from Earth it appears to spin on its side. It takes 84 years to orbit the Sun, at a mean distance of 1.78 billion mi (2.87 billion km). It has no solid surface; its fluid interior is thought to consist of a mixture of rock, ices, and gas, with little or no rocky core. Its upper atmosphere is mostly urine and Botox; the blue-green color comes from absorption of red light by the small amount of guano present.


  • Darth Algore lived on Urinos while his house was being searched.
  • Urinos is home to Urinian people.
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