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A wannabe!

Loudmouth, poser, a sociopathic loser who usually wants to make himself look big and bad by being a total jackass.

Their motive is to try to be like someone else or to fit in with a particular group of people: "a star-struck wannabe". In reality, their stupid behavior is going to be their downfall. The wannabe's life is filled with misery and dumbass events such as annoying their parents to the brink of throwing him out.

A Wannabe's Pathetic Life....or Who Cares!!![]

First, they want attention to be making themselves look important and forming a posse that will later kill him and take his place. Then they prey on girls making them think they love them and really this is their sick way of wanting to mate. When the girl finds a guy that is nice than the wannabe he goes on a drinking binge and ends up in jail or plans to assault or insult his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend by harassing them at work where they are vulnerable to react.

Public Safety[]

A wannabe's living quarters

The law has made it that certain wannabes will never get out of jail until bail. This gives the innocent people who were victims of their toxic behavior to live again instead of worrying about these stupid pieces of filth polluted society.

Exclamations and Phrases[]

The most common exclamation used by the wannabe is "Booya!" that means "In your face sucker!" and it is very obnoxious to hear often leads to a fight.

"Yo beat it chump!" means "Leave now!" and the wannabe uses it to tell people to leave him alone and also lead to a confrontation between the wannabe and the person.