Sexy wife, the ideal wife for man and the mother of his children. A wifey provides pleasure for her husband. Her smile is beautiful, her breasts are perfect, and her personality is also great. Yes, sex is great because she's your wife and you love her.


Life According to WifeyEdit

Wifey needs support from hubby all the time. Her petite and sexy body needs a strong and muscular husband to please her and comfort her when she's on her "curse" every month.

She cleans the house with her mommy clothes on and also she goes to her job in the office or wherever she works and earns the money.

Also, she goes home and plays with the children to help them with their homework cooks and cleans and then relaxes with a good glass of wine.

However, her husband is sometimes unappreciative and oftentimes doesn't even give her the time of day to appreciate her hard work that's why he always sleeps on the couch.

This is when she knows the marriage is over and also usually gets a divorce because of her deadbeat husband doesn't do a damn thing and also does not pay child support after the divorce.

Appreciation Edit

The secret to a happy marriage has appreciation being thankful for what she does rather than what she doesn't do men oftentimes takes their wives for granted in that can lead to sleeping on the couch a kick to the ass and also no sex for a month.

This is when men know they screwed up in oftentimes tries to fix it before it escalates into a full-blown argument in which they don't want to deal with because they rather are able to cope with the duties of being a husband.

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