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"Get me the hell out of here" John Kerry

Early Your-Rope

Europe, Yourrope, a continent of the world that is held together by rope-bridges and cheap rubber bands. Often called "The Hub of Violence and Chaos" Your-Rope has a rich history of murder, suicides, raids, and women. Also, the continent has a 99% approval rating for Least Boring Region.


The 20,000-year-old human remains of an extinct race of Porkish brutes have been recently uncovered in Flanche. The Homo porcus is among the oldest cheap skeletons in the world. In recent years the continent faced an economic crisis in beer trade and women. This caused a major problem for the 84.6 million people living in the region.


Grubs, deer, berries, and beer is the basic Europeans diet and also other primitive food are making a comeback to the population.

However, the European Union has tried to ban the fad diet because of health risks of becoming a cave person again.

This caused a lot of protests against the European Union calling it a violation of their human rights forcing them to eat what they don't want to eat.

Other Europeans enjoy gourmet foods and beverages such as snails, meat, wine, beer and other things that are available in the European Union.


Babes, boobs, and beer are the main cultural icons of Your-Rope. There are more babes than men in Your-Rope making it a huge destination for single unmarried men to find a bride.


Ropeans make up 89% of the population while the other percentage are unemployed homeowners that mooch the government's funding for their own selfish needs. Ropeans speak all the languages of the continent and the world.